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Commercial Roofing FAQ

A: Material, upkeep – even weather – all play a role in commercial roof longevity. On average, a commercial roof should last you about 20 years. However, some roof sealants and coatings may extend the lifespan of your roof by decades. Some poorly installed roof materials, or those that did not receive the proper care or maintenance may last a shorter time. It is best to talk to a commercial roofing contractor in Columbus, OH to determine if your roof needs replacement.
A: To the untrained eye, there may not be a clear sign a new roof is needed without significant damage. But some signs include significant amounts of mold, water stains and leaks, and large cracks.
A: Absolutely, and at Magnus Construction, our first priority is to see if we can repair your roof without replacing it. There are many new and exciting roof repair techniques that can extend the lifespan of your roof considerably. In the end, however, it depends on the state of your roof, the types of materials, and other factors.
A: Commercial roofing has come a long way. There are now very affordable roofing options that can last for several decades. Examples include Silicone, Built Up Roofing, Rubber Membrane, and Modified Bitumen. There are also coatings that may offer additional protection. Our roof inspectors will give you more detailed feedback at the consultation.
A: As we’re sure you guessed, this is simply too difficult to answer without seeing your roof. Skyscrapers have different needs than warehouses, which have different needs than schools, which have different needs than small retail shops. But we do promise that we’ll offer honest, affordable pricing. You’ll know everything from materials to labor time, so that you feel confident that you’re receiving trustworthy service.
A: When a new roof is needed, there are two options. You can either destroy and rebuild the roof, or you can cover it with a new material. The damage to your roof and whether or not your roof has received a re-cover before all affect these choices.
A: Flat roofs are not entirely flat. They have at least a 2 degree slope. But the primary reason is that it is simply more cost effective to have a flat roof, as the surface area of a commercial property is much higher and would require a substantial slope. Some flat roofs also have installations necessary to operate the commercial property.
A: Yes, you and any of the tenants of the building should be able to continue normal operations at all time. We also make an effort to provide as little disruption as possible, limiting noise so that you and your customers can do business unimpeded.
A: Roof replacement takes longer than roof repair. But once again, the time isn’t just in control of our team. Sometimes roof replacement has to be put off for weather related reasons. But we’ll provide you with an estimate about the number of days it will take to reroof your commercial property at the consultation, and remember – you are under no obligations to choose our services if you believe another company can provide the same level of care and quality.
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