5 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Real estate professionals say curb appeal can be the greatest difference between making or breaking a sale. When the exterior of your home (or business) and lawn makes a great first impression, everyone wants to come inside, including potential buyers. Whether you’re about to sell or planning to stay, everyone wants a home that looks great from the outside. Here are a few curb appeal ideas to spruce up your home’s exterior. (more…)

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The Roof At My Office Needs To Be Replaced. What Do I Do?

Illustration of two employees working in the office by Magnus Construction, Central Ohio's leading commercial roofing contractor

The weather here in Ohio causes all kinds of issues with your commercial roof. From hot sun in the summer time to heavy rain and wind on to snow, ice and frigid temperatures in the winter, we see it all. Whether you own, or manage, a huge call center, or an intimate office space, you know that problems with your roof will wreak havoc on your operations. You must resolve the issue quickly. Perhaps you’re asking yourself; I know the roof at my office needs to be replaced, what do I do now? Here are the steps you should take, and some tips to make the process easier for you.

Get An Inspection

Most commercial roofing material can be expected to last for around 20 years. Therefore, you may not need to actually replace the roof, it may just need to be repaired. So, don’t jump to conclusions. The only way to know for sure what needs to be done with your office roof is to have a licensed professional inspect it for you. They will provide you with a report as to the condition of the roof, and what issues should be addressed. Most reputable commercial roofing companies will provide this as part of the quote process. However, an independent inspector will give you a less biased opinion of whether the roof is in poor condition, in need of replacement, or can be repaired for a lower cost.

Find An Expert

You can’t afford to disrupt your business for a long period of time, and you also cannot put off the roof work that needs to be done. You need an expert in commercial roof repairs and installation that is able, and willing to work around your schedule. A professional commercial roofing crew is made up of highly skilled individuals that take pride in their work. They will maintain a safe, organized and efficient work site, and manage the process to be minimally disruptive. In central Ohio, that company is Magnus Construction Co. We specialize in commercial roof applications, and repairs, it’s our passion, and we treat every project as though it was the most important, because it is.

What To Expect

When you contact us to inquire about our roofing services, you’ll speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members. They’ll ask a few questions about your building, the problems you’re experiencing and other important details. Then, they’ll schedule a convenient time for one of our master roofers to come out and inspect and evaluate your situation. We guarantee that you’ll always get an honest, reliable quote. In other words, if you only need minor repairs, we’ll only quote you for those repairs. If you need an entire roof re-do, we’ll explain your options and recommend a budget-aware, appropriate solution within a time-line that best suits your needs.

The Process

On the scheduled date, our crew will arrive with all of the materials, tools and workers necessary to manage the project at hand. They’ll work hard to minimize their presence by being extremely organized, both in terms of the materials, but also the workflow. We’ll move quickly, yet safely, to complete the project before the deadline, and within the budget set. We only use top of the line materials such as Gaco Western roof sealant products, so you know it is made to last. We’ll keep you updated on our progress, and as the completion date approaches, you’ll be able to see the results. Once we’re finished, we’ll take away any trace of old roofing, and clean up. You’ll never suspect we were there.

Quality Commercial Roofing Solutions in Columbus, OH

Our services don’t stop once we’ve finished your commercial roofing project. We guarantee our workmanship, as well as the materials that we use, and if you ever experience any problems, just call us and we’ll take care of it right away. On a personal note, we’re also pretty darn good at repairing and replacing residential roofs. So, if you need a hand with your roof, remember, Magnus Construction Co. is Ohio’s roofing expert. Please click here or call us at (614) 886-2366 today for more information.

Commercial Roof Winter Maintenance Tips

Snowy roof tops in Columbus, Ohio by Magnus Construction Company, Central Ohio's best commercial roofing contractor

The four seasons can affect your commercial property in different ways. During the winter, the cold weather can cause issues that may lead to damage to your property. The roof is one of the most important elements of any building. The winter can lead to a variety of problems with roofs, including those caused by ice and snow. When the weather gets colder, it’s essential to be prepared. There are several things that property managers and landlords need to do both before and during winter to ensure the health of a property’s roof. You should create a plan to ensure all issues are taken care of during the season.

Potential Winter Problems

Winter can cause a number of problems for your commercial property. Storms, snow, and ice can all affect your property’s roof and lead to serious issues for the building. For example, one major issue during the winter is the formation of icicles and ice dams. Ice and snow on your roof can put pressure on it, which is best avoid. A buildup of ice and snow could lead to a mini-avalanche, the force of which could damage your roof and gutters. It could even be a danger to people walking underneath it. Icicles and ice dams can also cause water damage to both the interior and exterior of your property. Structural decay could occur, mold and mildew may be a problem, and your building could even flood.

Roof Inspections

If you want to maintain your commercial property’s roof during the winter, you need to remain vigilant. Conducting regular inspections is the best way to head off any issues before they develop into anything more serious. It’s important to inspect your property both inside and out. You should check the roof from the ground to see if there is a buildup of ice or snow that could cause problems. Only professional roofers should go onto the roof, however. If the property has an attic or roof space inside, it’s also essential to check for any issues there. Correcting air leaks and ensuring proper insulation will help to prevent problems. A commercial roofing service can carry out an inspection to identify these problems.

Roofing Repairs

Making repairs to your property’s roof is essential is you spot anything that needs fixing. It might be tempting to leave it until spring, but that could lead to bigger issues. While it’s better to make repairs before it gets too cold, that doesn’t mean you should wait for it to warm up again. Some repairs need to be performed on slightly warmer days, but there are usually appropriate times to do them during the winter. You may need to consider repairs to flashing, shingles, or perhaps gutters. It’s important to carry out repairs as soon as possible so that the problem that needs addressing doesn’t grow.

Preventing Ice Dams

Ice dams are one of the most important issues to consider for your commercial property’s roof during the winter. They can lead to a variety of issues that could be expensive to fix. Preventing them is the best way to deal with them, so you should add some measures to your roof maintenance plan. There are several ways you can prevent ice dams occurring on your property’s roof. Keeping your gutters clear is one essential thing you should do. If water can’t drain properly and builds up in your gutters, it can freeze. Gutter screens will keep debris out so that your gutters work properly. You can also use roof salt to melt ice without damaging the material of the roof. Another issue that can cause ice on your roof is the buildup of snow. Clearing it regularly with a roof rake can help to solve this problem. You can also consider a heating system for your roof. This isn’t a cheap option but could be a good investment in particularly cold climates.

Dealing with Ice Dams

Sometimes, it’s too late, and an ice dam may already have formed. Getting rid of it can help to prevent any long-lasting problems. However, you shouldn’t climb onto the roof and try to repair it yourself. It’s important always to use a licenced commercial roofing contractor to take care of the problem. They have the knowledge and equipment to deal with any ice formations for you. With their experience, they can do it safely and efficiently.


Winter isn’t a time to neglect the maintenance of your commercial property. In fact, it’s more important to watch out for any issues during the colder months. If you have questions or need help with your commercial roofing project in Columbus, Ohio, contact us today.

Commercial Roofing Tips for Property Managers and Real Estate Professionals

Red paper house and calculator on graphs, real estate concept by Mangus Construstion, Columbus, OH commercial roofing contractor

Anyone who owns or works with commercial real estate knows the value of keeping it well-maintained. Taking care of the property helps to head off any expensive damages that will be a hassle to repair. Smaller problems should be addressed as soon as possible so that they don’t turn into larger and more expensive ones. Before turning to a professional for a repair or replacement on a commercial roof, it’s important to know some key information about commercial roofing. Follow these tips so that you’re prepared when you need to enlist a commercial roofing service.

The Pros and Cons of Roofing Materials

One of the things you should consider is the material your roof uses. Roofs can be made from clay tiles, metal, concrete, and a range of other materials. Of course, when you first come in contact with a new commercial building, it will already have a roof. You don’t have a choice in what it’s made of. But there are often times when you may need to consider replacing it, so you need to know the pros and cons of different materials. No matter what type of roof it is, you should know how to care for it. Different materials have different properties, so make sure you understand the best way to maintain yours.

Regular Roof Maintenance

In fact, you should be performing a range of tasks to ensure that a roof stays in top condition. Before you need to call in a commercial roofing contractor, you should be doing some things to avoid needing them. For example, you should keep a roof clear of anything that may damage it. This means ensuring that trees can’t drop leaves and other debris onto the roof, for example. You should perform regular inspections to check for any damage or parts of the roof that are starting to deteriorate. The sooner you spot a problem, the faster you can take care of it.

Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor

It’s essential to hire a commercial roofing contractor to repair any problems with a roof on one of your properties. Repairs to roofing require specialist equipment and plenty of attention to safety. Also, your contractor will know what they’re doing and have experience with a variety of problems. If you need to hire a contractor, you can speak to them about what they think they need to do and get a quote. Remember to check that they are licenced.

Listen to Your Roofers Advice

Be prepared to listen to your contractor and take their advice, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. As roofing experts, they know what’s best for your property. They might recommend prepares or a way to address an underlying problem. Their suggestion may even be to have your roof replaced. You don’t need to wait until you need repairs to call a commercial roofing contractor. They can assist with maintenance issues too to help you keep your roof in excellent condition.

The roof is a vital part of a building’s structure, so don’t let it fall to ruin. Constant care will keep your property standing. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or need help on your next commercial roofing project.

Do you have a tip or piece of advice that wasn’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below.

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Safe Building, Safe Employees: The Importance of Keeping Your Building Up to Code

Animated image of business owner protecting his employees from the rain with umbrella

When you own a commercial building or building space, it’s always good to keep the mantra of “safe building, safe employees” in mind. All too often, commercial building owners will neglect the care and maintenance of a commercial structure, not realizing that they could be putting their hard-working employees (and even customers) in harm’s way as a result.

Keeping your commercial space up to local building codes is a must for keeping people safe and avoiding potential legal problems down the road. Specifically, there are some basic components of building code that you should pay special attention to and make sure you’re in compliance with.

Roofing and Structures

Your building’s roof needs to be structurally sound, along with the rest of the external structures of the building. Taking the time to schedule annual commercial roofing inspections is a great way to keep it well maintained and avoid major repairs down the road. Furthermore, depending on the type and material of your commercial roof, make sure to replace it as needed. The life of a commercial roof can range greatly, but is typically around 10 or 15 years.

Having a well maintained roof will not only protect your employees inside, but prevent expensive water damage caused by leaks as well.

Fire Extinguishers/Sprinklers

Fire code is another major component of building code enforcement. You’ll want to check with your local fire code laws to find out exactly how many fire extinguishers your building needs and where they should be located. Furthermore, be sure to check extinguishers regularly to ensure they’re properly charged and ready to be used if needed.

Many commercial buildings also require sprinkler systems to be in place in the event of a fire, so be sure to have these installed if needed and maintained if already in place.

Speaking of fire code, you should also make sure you’re aware of your commercial building’s maximum capacity as it relates to local fire codes. This is determined based not only on the square footage of your space, but the number of exits/entrances, obstructions, and other factors. You should never allow your building to exceed maximum capacity, as this could create an unsafe situation.

Escape Routes and Exits

Also related to fire code is building coding in relation to escape routes and exits. Typically, the rule is that you must have at least one exit available to every 50 people in the building. These exits should be clearly labeled and signage should be easily seen even in the event of a power outage.

Electrical Wiring/Components

Last but not least, make sure that you follow building code when it comes to all electrical wiring and components. This includes making sure your building’s wiring is up-to-date and that ground fault circuit interrupters are installed on all electrical outlets located in wet spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Keeping your building’s electrical wiring and components up-to-code will help to drastically reduce the chances of a workplace accident or injury, such as electrocution. As such, you’ll be able to create a safer environment for your workers.

If you’re unsure of your building’s current electrical compliance, contact a local electrician who specializes in commercial spaces for an evaluation in this regard.

As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your commercial building up to code compliance. It may seem like a lot of work, but your efforts will be worth it when you’re able to create a safe environment for your employees and clients alike.

Flat Commercial Roof Systems: A Quick Comparison Guide

Picture of roofing contractor on flat roof performing flat commercial roofing in Columbus, OH

If you’re trying to decide on a roofing system for your business, you should research different types of commercial roofing systems to discover which kind of roof would serve all your company’s needs. To get you started, check out the guide we’ve put together below.

Thermoplastic (TPO) Roofing

These roofs consist of a single ply with three layers, polyester-reinforced fabric center, thermoplastic polyolefin, and TPO polymer base. They come in white, grey, and black reflective color options.

TPO roofs have the advantages of being UV resistant, recyclable, and cost-efficient. They come in wide, lightweight sheets, making them easy to install. As they resist heat, TPO roofs help keep cooling costs lower. They also resist high winds, fire, and punctures well. The main disadvantage to TPO roofs is a questionable longevity because these roofs haven’t been around as long as other types of commercial roofing.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monmer (M-class) rubber) is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane with two main ingredients, ethylene and propylene, that come from natural gas and oil. It comes in many different widths and two main thicknesses.

EPDM roofs really excel when it comes to durability. They’re one of the longest-lasting commercial roofing systems on the market. They’re also highly versatile and pretty simple to install, repair, and maintain. As these roofs have many seams, their main drawback is a need for repair at the seams.

Built-Up Roofs

Built-up roofing systems are an older type of commercial roofing. They consist of multiple layers of asphalt felt and a covering of coal-tar, liquid asphalt, or pitch. An additional layer of gravel can provide protection from UV rays.

Business owners commonly choose built-up roofs because they’re inexpensive. The top coat of gravel also offers a pleasant aesthetic. This type of roofing system, however, doesn’t offer the advantages of more modern systems. It’s also a very heavy system with all those layers, and many of these roofs need frequent maintenance for reinforcement purposes.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Although not common, some business owners choose PV solar panels for a roofing system. These roofs consist of solar panels installed on top of a rooftop or glass.

The main benefit of this roofing system is the savings on energy costs for business owners. Businesses can also reduce their carbon footprints on the environment by choosing this roofing system. The roofing system itself is expensive, and solar panels can become damaged easily.

Green Roofing Systems

These are flat roofs covered with vegetation and soil planted over a waterproof membrane. They’re uncommon but growing in popularity.

Green roofs can help with saving on energy costs due to their insulation in the winter and cooling effect in the summer. They’re also good for the environment, and their insulating effect reduces noise pollution. They do require proper irrigation and care of vegetation, making them a labor-intensive roofing system. Some buildings also experience leaks despite the waterproof membrane.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

These are chemically modified asphalt roofs that have a rubber-like consistency. Atactic polypropylene and styrene butadiene styrene often perform the chemical modification.

Like built-up roofs, modified bitumen roofing systems are also older. They reflect sunlight well, which cuts down on energy costs for business owners. Older types of modified bitumen roofing requires a blowtorch to heat the material as it’s installed, which is dangerous work. Newer versions can just be peeled and applied. This single-ply roofing system is prone to tears over time.

PVC Roofing

These roofs consist of polyvinyl chloride in a single ply. The material is thermoplastic and may contain fiberglass, polyester, resins, plasticizers, and pigments. PVC roofs have been around since the 1960s.

Highly reflective and very durable, PVC is a popular choice for commercial roofs. Water can’t penetrate the material, and it’s easy to install. The material can become brittle in very cold temperatures, and it does have seams.

Magnus Construction Company is a commercial roofing business that serves Columbus, Ohio. We can give you professional advice about which type of roofing system you need for your business. To speak with an expert, please contact us.

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Winter is coming, is your Roof Ready?

Do you need  a Roof Inspection this Fall?

As we head into September here in Ohio we need to remember like the popular TV show phrase – “Winter is Coming”. And like we prepare other parts of our lives and homes for the cold and snow, now is the time to prepare your roof as well.

A good place to get started is to do a quick check around your home.

Cracked Flashing1. Walk around your home and look for Broken or Loose Shingles and Cracked Flashing

2. Check the inside of your home for wet spots that may indicate a leaky roof.
3. Look up in your attic and check your air vents and your interior attic space .

4. Gutter and Downspouts are they clear of debris and grit. If you see a lot of grit in your gutters it could be time to look into new shingles.

Granule Loss Magnus Construction5. Check to see when was the last time you had your roof inspected.

If it has been more than a few years or you have had extreme weather in your area. It may be time to have your roof professionally inspected.

At Magnus Construction, we will perform a visual gutter check to ensure each gutter and downspouts are functioning properly. All parts of the gutter system on your home should be free of any debris, branches, and leaves, to ensure an easy flow of rainwater through the downspouts, and away from the foundation. Heavy winds and aging homes can often make proper functioning gutters twist, warp or detach from the roofline. Repairing the damage gutter quickly can limit any chance of any serious damage occurring to your home. Also, gutters that are not functioning properly can easily cause significant damage to your home’s foundation.

We will evaluate the condition of the roof, and look any missing, damaged or worn materials. The inspection also includes checks of nonfunctioning flashing around your chimneys and ventilation systems.

To get your roof inspected and receive an estimate on any repairs you need before Winter call us today at (614) 886-2366 .

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Why Silicone?

Why Silicone for your Roofing Solution?

The unique Chemistry of silicone provides unmatched performance compared to all other coatings including acrylic, Polyurethanes, asphalt, and Hypalon® . Silicone is non-sacrificial and will not degrade, chalk, or crack under harsh UV rays.

20150723_114013_resizedThe unique Chemistry of silicone provides unmatched performance compared to all other coatings including acrylic, Polyurethanes, asphalt, and Hypalon® . Silicone is non-sacrificial and will not degrade, chalk, or crack under harsh UV rays.

Silicone forms a seamless membrane that can withstand permanent ponding water without softening.

GacoFlex S2000 White is a highly-reflective white coating that can contribute up to 7 LEED points to a project and has achieved ratings from the Cool Roof Rating Council.

Benefits of a Cool Roof

  • Energy Savings and utility rebates
  • Reduction in urban heat island effect
  • Compliance with building codes and green building programs
  • Many States offer utility discounts and rebates to building owners who install cool roofs.

GacoFlex S20 Series has passed the ASTM E 108 Spread of Flame Test , is FM 4470 Class I Approved, has as Miami Dade (NOA) Notice of Acceptance, is UL 790, Class A Listed – the highest level of fire protection available, and is FM Approved for use as a maintenance coating over existing FM approved roofs. Other ASTM testing provides ratings for tensile strength, tear resistance, hardness, water immersion, permeability, reflectance, and emissivity.

For More information on GacoFlex S20 for your building or properties, call us today at Magnus Construction (614) 886-2366

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GacoFlex S20 Silicone Roof Coating System

GacoFlex S20 is the clean, economical, and responsible solution for renewing weathered and Leaking Roofs .GacoFlex S20

Why should you consider GacoFlex  S20 for your next commercial roofing repair?

1. Save Time  – With GacoFlex there is no need to tear off and and replace, instead you just re-cover.

2. Save Money – With re-covering you save on labor costs and avoid landfill expenses.

3. Extend the Life of your Roof – Innovative silicone technology provides a seamless weather-tight seal that protects the substrate against ultraviolet light and severe weather, eliminates common sources of leaks and withstands permanent ponding water.

4.  Can be used on virtually any roof – Can apply over pre-existing elastomeric roof coatings, metal roof, built-up roofing, mineral cap sheet, and weathered single ply membranes (EDPM, Hypalon, and TPO/CPA)

5. Environmentally Friendly  – avoid waste generating tearoffs which impact landfills and highly-reflective, glossy finish can help reduce energy costs.

6. Labor and Material Warranties –  Gacoflex S20 warranties do not including ponding water exclusions or pro-rated compensation formulas.

To get started with your GacoFlex S20 Roof System call Steve at Magnus Construction at  (614) 886-2366.

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Keeping your Roof Clean

When you think about cleaning your home, I’m sure you don’t think about cleaning your roof. However, neglecting your roof is one of the worst things that you can do for your home. There are many issues that can be caused by allowing your roof to have dirt build up.

roof1There are many benefits to keeping your roof clean.

  • Buildup of dirt can cause deterioration of shingles. The less you have to replace your shingles the more money you can save.
  • If you ever want to sell your house, cleaning your roof can help with aesthetics. If your roof looks great and sturdy, more people will want to buy your home.
  • Insurance companies want your roof to stay nice, clean, and strong. Both for longevity and for preemptive maintenance.

Keep your roof together. If you want to preserve your home, start with the very top. To get your roof in its best shape possible call us today at Magnus Construction for a free estimate for your roof. Call (614) 886-2366 .

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