Closeup of suburban home roof with skylights representing residential roof repair in Columbus, OH by Magnus Construction

The average roof is expected to last for well over a decade. But its durability is not perfect. From age to extreme weather to the impact of a heavy object, roofs around Columbus can easily become damaged, and when they are damaged it is often critical to repair the roof as quickly as possible.

Magnus Construction Quality Roof Repair in Columbus

Based in Central Ohio, Magnus Construction is one of the premier roof repair companies in the Columbus area, with affordable, efficient, long lasting roof repair services for those that need them. Our team of roofing experts works with homeowners that suspect or have experienced roof damage, and we’ll make sure that we address your roof repair as quickly as possible.

We handle all components of roof repair, including:

  • Initial Inspection – Before we can repair a roof (or if you need us to see if there is a problem at all) we can provide you with a residential roof inspection, to determine if there are issues with damage, mold, vents, and more, and to spot any of the problems that may be occurring. If we find any damage, we’ll also provide you with a transparent quote to make sure you’re ready to move forward.
  • Leak Repair – For those that have leaks, we’ll make sure to repair the roof leak quickly. We know that the longer a roof leak goes unfixed, the more damage can occur to your property, belongings, and comfort, which is why at Magnus Construction Company, we repair leaks as soon as we find them and assess for any other damage.
  • Insurance Claims – If there is damage to your home that is covered by insurance, we’ll help you with those repairs as well. We can assist you with the insurance claim process, and make sure that your roof is well repaired in the interim.
  • Replacement – Of course, it may be time to replace a part of your roof, and we can assist you with that as well. We offer affordable residential Columbus roof replacement services for those that need them, using only the highest quality shingles and the most durable design.

At Magnus Construction, we want to help you make sure your roof is working properly, and will continue to withstand rain, snow, and other damages. If you are in need of roof repair in Columbus, OH, and want to work with one of the most experienced companies available, click here or call us today at 614-886-2366 today.

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