Home-lined street in the suburbs representing residential roofing replacement in Columbus, OH by Magnus Construction

It’s an expense that few homeowners are excited to take on. Yet at some point, you are likely going to find that you need to replace your roof. In some cases the issue may be cosmetic, but often roof replacement is due to more pressing issues, such as storm damage, blunt force, and more.

No matter the reason, let Magnus Construction company help. We are residential roof replacement experts. We work with homeowners all around Columbus, offering affordable and efficient roof replacement services using only the best in shingles and design to make sure that your home is protected, and that the value of your home improves.

Why Magnus Construction for Residential Roof Replacement in Columbus?

At Magnus Construction, we know how difficult it can be to select a roof replacement team to handle your roofing needs. You want a great price, but you also want to know that your roof is in good hands. That’s why we have developed a business model designed specifically to improve your peace of mind. We believe in being a customer focused company, with roofing experts that are dedicated to:

  • Customer Service – Our roofers make an effort to ensure you’re comfortable, and that you’re happy while your roof is being replaced.
  • Efficiency – We know that the last thing you want is a roofer working for weeks at a time. We’ll do our best to speed up the process without sacrificing quality.
  • Knowledge/Understanding – Most homeowners never know what goes into building a roof. You can trust that Magnus Construction understands the needs of each roof, and will build the roof with the greatest level of care.

At Magnus Construction, our team has worked with individuals across Columbus, making sure that homeowners have a quality roofing team that can help them with their roof replacement needs. If you are interested in pursuing roof replacement in Central Ohio, click here or call us today at 614-886-2366. We are happy to discuss our roofing services with you, or schedule an appointment to provide you with a quote.

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